Journey into Nyx Magic Pre Release is this weekend!

Some things to know about the pre-release weekend at Cosmic Oasis:

• You can play in a Pre-release event for ONLY $10.00!
• You can get 8 packs, a participation prize, a foil promo, a spin down die, a raffle ticket, Free Soda and more just for playing before you ever win a match!
• Every Match you Win Wins you a pack!
• You can WIN A Box by winning 4 matches!

The best pre-release deals and experience in the state!

Get as much Journey into Nyx on pre release weekend as possible! Enter into all 6 events and get 4 FREE bonus packs! You will get a Box total worth of packs before winning a single match! Package Price is $110.00.  36 packs total! 6 Spindown Dice! 6 Promo cards! 

Magic Pre-Release JOURNEY into NYX Midnight Extravaganza!

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Yugioh Max Point $10,000 Super Qualifier @ MeepleFest Battle Arena May 17th

ygo super q

Yugioh Max Point $10,000 Super Qualifier @ MeepleFest Battle Arena May 17th

$500 in minimum Cash Prizes!

Top 8 get Exclusive Playmats!

The first 40 players get Exclusive Cosmic Oasis dice as a participation prize!

Deck construction is Advanced Constructed

Entry Fee is $20.00

Location: EKU Perkins Bldg – Richmond Ky.

Doors open at 10:00am round 1 starts at 11:00am.

Gather your crew, Wear your team gear! PIZZA PARTY FOR THE SHOP WITH MOST PLAYERS IN ATTENDANCE! We will send a Pizza Party to the store that has the most players list them as their home store during registration.

This event is being held as part of MeepleFest Battle Arena. Battle Arena is a full day of exciting tournaments held for all of the most popular games. May 17th’s line up includes the Magic the Gathering SCG Standard State Championships, a Cardfight Vanguard “Road to Regionals” event , and of course THIS Yugioh Super Qualifier.

Vendors will be set up at MF: Battle Arena buying and selling single cards and supplies for your favorite games!

Food catered in by Cafe Meeples will be on site. Mad Scoops custom Ice Cream will be at the May 17th event.

Play in our Super Qualifier and you can then PLAY FOR $10,000.00! HERE >

ygo 10k badge


  $5.00 win a mats, you get 1 pack for entering    and first place wins a mat!

$10.00 win a box, you get 2 packs   for entering and first place wins a box!

$15.00 Win a Mat & a Box, You get 3 packs for   entering and first wins a Box & a Mat!




Magic State Championships come to Richmond Ky (Limited June 1st TCG)



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